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Is an equipment upgrade worth it?

Walking into the PGA Superstore these days must be like what a woman experiences at a department store sale. So many options. Where can you even start? Like cameras, computers and dogs, there’s literally something out there for everyone. The golf ball selection guide on the Bridgestone Golf website gets more personal than a Match.com profile. Just like the computer market, golf clubs have gotten to the point where as soon as you place a brand new one in your bag, it’s already out of date. You’d need to add a new wing to your house just to store all the now out-of-date drivers that TaylorMade has sold this millennium.

taylormade golf drivers r7 r5 r1 r9 r11 sldr burner rbz rocketballz
This is not even 10 years of golf clubs

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Gold Mountain Golf Club (Olympic Course)

Olympic Course at Gold Mountain Golf Club in Bremerton, WA

graig mantle gold mountain
Mike, Pat, CJ and me

The Stats

Tee Time: May 19, 2013, 9:44, 63 F, light rain

Designer: John F. Harbottle III (1996)

Playing Partners: Mike Harvey, CJ Phelan, Pat Spomer

Tees: Tourney, Par 72 (71.3 rating/129 slope/6,479 yards)

Course Handicap: 13 (11.6 index)

Stats: 88 (45-43); 29 putts; 7/14 fairways; 4/18 greens; 0 penalty strokes; 1 eagle

The Course

I’m not sure if anyone’s been watching that new North America series on the Discovery Channel, but playing the Olympic Course at Gold Mountain Golf Club feels like a round of golf in an episode of that nature documentary. It’s just you surrounded by acres upon acres of thick forests packed with Douglas Fir trees as far as the eye can see. A few miles up the road from Bremerton, Washington, is where you’ll find the large clubhouse and excellent warmup areas before playing one of Gold Mountain’s two golf courses, the other being the Cascade Course. Each hole feels isolated in a wilderness manner. Unless that group ahead of you is still on the green, you’ll never see another human or manmade structure for the entire round, making it feel like 18 holes on your own private golf course. There are elevation changes on nearly every hole and accuracy is important from the tee. It’s hard to really lose a golf ball here but get behind some of those evergreen trees and it can be just as bad. Our group had two shots that flew as far backward off a trunk as it had flown forward. The whole scene was made even more amazing somehow by the cloudy skies that dropped a bit of precipitation. It seemed like an Alaskan seaplane could roar over the ridge at any moment. Off in the distance, row after row of towering Douglas Firs rose up into the stirring clouds along the many ridges and mountains surrounding the golf course. I personally can’t think of any better setting than a thriving evergreen forest. Oh, and even the golf here is pretty good. Continue reading Gold Mountain Golf Club (Olympic Course)