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North Fulton Golf Course

North Fulton Golf Course in Atlanta, GA

Me and Nicholas

The Stats

Tee Time: August 13, 9:30, 88 F, Calm

Designer: Chandler Egan, 1935

Playing Partners: Nicholas Carroll

Tees: Blue, Par 71 (71.9 rating/126 slope/6,570 yards)

Course Handicap: 13 (11.3 index)

Stats: 93 (49-44); 38 putts; 5/14 fairways; 5/18 greens; 3 penalty strokes

The Course

North Fulton Golf Course in Atlanta is a deceptively tough track, especially for an average public golf course. The course on the whole plays fair and doesn’t cost you any unnecessary strokes if you play well, but bad golf is punished. The vegetation lining every hole is thick almost to the extent of being impenetrable. There are hazards that do come into play and force second thoughts on strategy before teeing off. The greens have tricky breaks that even after the second round in as many days, I still had no clue to what any one putt might do. I swear some broke one way and then the very next putt darted in the opposite direction. The layout, however, is pretty bland. No holes really stand out as memorable and most play either straight away or with slight dog-legs. The creek does snake throughout the course and every appearance it makes is in a spot perfectly located to swallow even well-struck shots. Snake is the operative word there, as numerous signs warn of cottonmouths and deter all but the most desperate from treading past the red stakes. Continue reading North Fulton Golf Course