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boston skyline charles river
The Boston skyline from a kayak on the Charles River

So I’m trying to get a round of golf played in all 50 states of the United States of America. But it’s not exactly like I’m just touching down, hitting the first tee and then it’s wheels up again. The coolest part, and probably the real reason I’m even attempting this, is to get to see all the different flavors each state has to offer. I got a small taste of the nation when some friends and I somehow survived a 43-day, 10,000 mile road trip to every baseball stadium in 2006 (Mario Kart got us through some long drives). I’m 12 states in these first 24 months and have done plenty of awesome things away from the course. There’s been a night out on 6th Street in Austin after I, along with over 100,000 other fans decked out in burnt orange, took in a University of Texas home game. I’ve ventured into Tootsie’s in downtown Nashville, walked along the Seattle waterfront and seen all the crazies during a Halloween weekend in Las Vegas. I’ve gotten to tour the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY and catch up with people I rarely see like my grandparents in California or childhood best friend in Atlanta. With all that, I figure it might be a little different and maybe interesting to show some of these other things off. Continue reading Boston

South Shore Country Club

South Shore Country Club in Hingham, MA

south shore country club graig mantle
Me and Vik

The Stats

Tee Time: July 6, 2013, 2:33, 93 F, calm and humid

Designer: Wayne Stiles (1922)

Playing Partners: Vikram Juneja

Tees: Blue, Par 72 (70.9 rating/133 slope/6,270 yards)

Course Handicap: 13 (10.9 index)

Stats: 83 (43-39); 32 putts; 5/14 fairways; 8/18 greens; 4 penalty strokes

The Course

south shore country club hole 18
A panoramic view of the closing hole at South Shore

If Paul Revere had ridden 15 miles south on April 18, 1775, instead of 14 miles north to Lexington on his legendary Midnight Ride to warn that the British were coming, he would have visited South Shore Country Club in Hingham, Massachusetts. Of course, then Lexington and Concord would’ve been hung out to dry and steamrolled by the Redcoats the next day, nipping the American Revolution in the bud. And since South Shore Country Club wasn’t opened until 1922, there wouldn’t have been much to visit. Well, now that that lousy history lesson is over, I can get on to how the golf course is. The city of Boston is teeming with amazing American history on every block and so much has been expertly preserved so that even today’s visitors, nearly 10 generations down the line, can marvel at the undertaking that was the fight for American Independence. Similarly, this quiet country club south of Quincy also keeps ties to its historical roots. There are pictures and memorabilia from years ago, including stops by Arnold Palmer and Gary Player. Even without the past, there is plenty to enjoy at South Shore.

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