It’s year 7(!) of the 10 I gave myself to play a round of golf in every state. We’re still at 50 states, because in spite of that 2016 election, the country is still in one piece. Unfortunately, in 2016 I only played golf in one new state, Minnesota. I did play in five states total, but four were retreads (AZ, CA, NV, UT). I did get to knock off one of my bucket list courses in Wolf Creek, well worth the trip.

wolf creek golf course mesquite nevada hole 11 panoramic
Wolf Creek – definitely worth a visit

By the end of 2017, I should be at 35 states golfed in. We’re currently at 26, so it’s going to take a Herculean effort to get the nine states I need to get back on pace.

Sunday River Golf Club in Maine
Photo: themainegolftrail.com

Unfortunately, I’ve done most of the states west of the Rocky Mountains. The Midwest is still largely untouched, as is about half of the south. But to get nine, I’ll need to try to lop off a few in one trip, which means I must head east!

Lake of Isles (North) in Connecticut
photo: reesjonesinc.com

There are six states left in the New England/Atlantic region, and they’re all pretty easy to get in quick order. There’s Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island. I could easily check off Rhode Island and Connecticut all in one day. And then further down the coast is New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. So there’s 2/3 of what I need, and I could theoretically do 6 states in just 4 days.

Bayside Resort in Delaware
photo: tee1off.com

And then for the rest. I do need to finally make it up to Alaska, but that’s somewhere I want to spend a few days in and see bears and glaciers as well as get a round of golf in.

Palmer Golf Course in Alaska
photo: golfadvisor.com

Arkansas can be done, being just a four-hour drive from Dallas. And then let’s make a trip out to the southeast, either Alabama or South Carolina. Easy enough.

Harbour Town in South Carolina
photo: golfadvisor.com

It’s a lot to cram into a short window, with New England not melting until April, but that’s the plan. And then just 15 mostly Midwestern states to go!



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