Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club

Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club in Kingston, OK

Greg and I

The Stats

Tee Time: September 8, 2011, 11:45, 88 F, Breezy

Designer: Randy Heckenkemper, 1999

Playing Partners: Greg Ryan

Tees: Blue, Par 72 (70.8 rating/122 slope/6,390 yards)

Course Handicap: 9 (8.7 index)

Stats: 88 (44-44); 38 putts; 6/14 fairways; 6/18 greens; 3 penalty strokes

The Course

Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club in Kingston, OK is ranked the 2nd best public course in Oklahoma by Golfweek. And at about 20% of the cost of #1 Karsten up in Stillwater, this municipal course about an hour out of Dallas brings a lot of fun and lovely scenery. Once again we played in the middle of the week on a hot day, so the course was empty of players and meant we could go at our own pace.

So I figured I would open with a birdie at the generously short, 500-yd par 5 1st hole. Any decent tee shot left a good shot at reaching in two, which I did with a 5-wood to about 20 feet and started my day off just missing my first eagle. More courses should open up this graciously, then bring the real goods later on. As important as it is to get a good warmup on the range, I still have not been able to translate that over to a good first hole or two.

The front nine was very fun as each hole seemed more challenging than the one prior. There were elevation changes mixed in with well-placed hazards that proved difficult to navigate in some instances. The added bonus was the gorgeous views of Lake Texoma’s deep blue waters surrounding the peninsula.

View of Lake Texoma from the 7th green
View of Lake Texoma from the 7th green

The best part of a course situated at an elevation with such incredible views all along the way was the similarities I could compare to a picturesque course along the Pacific Coast, Torrey Pines. Clearly, Kingston is no competition for San Diego in terms of beauty and Torrey Pines features more action along the cliffs, but against the big blue skies of Oklahoma, the abundant vegetation and pristine blue waters in the background, Chickasaw Pointe is definitely one of the prettiest in Tornado Alley.

The Par 3 16th with a bone dry waterfall
The Par 3 16th with a bone dry waterfall

Obviously in the picture above the lack of rainfall throughout the region has been harsh on the course, but my imagination figures this is a nice looking hole with a spring rainfall and flowing waters. As for the rest of my round, it was largely uneventful with matching 44’s on each side. The bonus was winning the match 6&5 over Greg’s 127 and me spotting him 24 strokes.

Are there better courses in Oklahoma? Most likely, considering Southern Hills has hosted plenty of majors in its day and Karsten can get away with charging $300 a round for a reason. But for the price, the proximity to a major hub like Dallas and the calming views from many tees and greens, Chickasaw Pointe is a great place to play a round of golf.

Favorite Hole

#10, Par 4, 330 yards, 18-handicap, My Score: 5

I enjoyed this hole because like the 1st, it provided an easy way back into the round after lunch. It is drivable with a very well struck tee shot as the elevation drops off some 50+ feet or so. It has everything I like about a hole. A big wide fairway with a risky green to go for (note the sand traps lining both sides), an elevated tee and it plays to my draw. The best view of the lake and long bridge on the course was also a big bonus. The green was tricky, with the aforementioned bunkers around and the steep slope off the back that pushed my ball into deep rough.
Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club
The downhill tee shot at #10
I hit my drive to the left fairway, hit it over the back and two-putted for a bogey. The fun was en route to Greg’s 10, in which our excursion into the woods produced a dangerously close call with nature…
The extremely non-venomous Northern Rough Greensnake
The extremely non-venomous Northern Rough Greensnake


Layout: B-

Amenities: C; the standard practice greens and ranges were present as well as a fine snack bar, but overall the course is the main attraction

Staff: A-

Difficulty: C+; the holes became tougher as the round went on, but there were few that made me think hard about the risk-reward of each shot

Scenery: B+; great views of Lake Texoma and the surrounding nature was fun as you hardly noticed the roads just on the otherside. If they had gotten a hole or two to play along the edge of the cliffs over the lake, this would be an easy 5.

Value: C; at $47 for 18, it isn’t the best bargain out there and there was little else to offer but the golf for your dollar, but at the same time I enjoyed the golf I did pay for.

Overall: 2.67 (C+); a fun course that makes you hit solid shots but doesn’t punish bad ones too much, I agree with those who call it one of the better public courses in Oklahoma

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